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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama does a Sarah; McCain supports Obama

Moderate debate. Townhalls are supposed to be McCain's favorite hunting ground. I didn't see why. He had a couple better responses, but overall, Obama walked away with it, again. This debate will probably be remembered more for "that one" than anything else.

Couple observations:
After the VP debate, I wrote that Sarah's strategy to hijack the debate was very effective. Looks like the Obama campaign agreed. Obama annoyingly and successfully played the same trick today. On at least a couple occasions, he was answering his own questions - and to good effect. I am sure Brokaw was frustrated, as I was, but the audience graphs picked up tempo a few seconds into the response. The only difference: In Sarah's case, she didn't know the answer; In Obama's case, he believed the audience would be more interested in a different issue!

During the course of the debate, Obama also picked up an unlikely supporter - John McCain! At least twice, McCain said, when times are tough, we need a steady hand at the tiller. Finally, McCain conceded that Obama has been the cool guy thru uncertain times. McCain has now definitely put country first! So, can he ask for Obama to be nominated President by acclamation?!?!

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Friday, October 03, 2008

VP Debate 2008

1. Good night for Sarah - she held her own (relative to what I expected). She was a way better person than the one we saw on the Couric interview clips.

2. Biden executed his dance very delicately. Didn't come across as the "old" professor and was not condescending at all. Complete professional.

3. Sarah had some excellent coaching. Smart strategy. When she didn't know the answer, she hijacked the debate to talk about whatever she wanted to. Each time she did this, the audience graphs dipped, but a couple of lines into her talk, it picked up. So, even though there was no relevance to the original question, she managed to get some of the audience interested. She did have a Bush-doctrine moment when asked what her Achilles' heel was.

4. I am surprised not much is made of her approval of Cheney's interpretation of the Vice Presidency. Not surprising, given she doesn't think he did much wrong.

5. Both candidates performed beyond what was expected of them. Biden was very statesman-like. Sarah proved she is a better debater than an interviewee.

Overall, Biden did very well for Obama and won him a few independents. Sarah did very well for Sarah and prevented a complete write-off.

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Attempting another comeback...

Back again - after an even longer break. Yes, I know the iPhone has been out a while now since my last post. Already into its 2nd generation and cost me 3 times what it is priced now!

Quick thoughts on the phone: I love it. It is the best convergent device out there. But wish it had a physical keyboard. I send a lot of email from my Treo and my typing speed on iPhone's virtual keyboard comes nowhere close. Also, not to forget the restricted admin access to the phone that prevents some of the security-conscious companies from supporting it. Overall, it definitely is a killer device for consumers.

I dropped my Treo a couple weekends ago. So I am walking around with a Treo from 2004. Here is a picture! Now patiently waiting for the Blackberry Bold!

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