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Friday, October 03, 2008

VP Debate 2008

1. Good night for Sarah - she held her own (relative to what I expected). She was a way better person than the one we saw on the Couric interview clips.

2. Biden executed his dance very delicately. Didn't come across as the "old" professor and was not condescending at all. Complete professional.

3. Sarah had some excellent coaching. Smart strategy. When she didn't know the answer, she hijacked the debate to talk about whatever she wanted to. Each time she did this, the audience graphs dipped, but a couple of lines into her talk, it picked up. So, even though there was no relevance to the original question, she managed to get some of the audience interested. She did have a Bush-doctrine moment when asked what her Achilles' heel was.

4. I am surprised not much is made of her approval of Cheney's interpretation of the Vice Presidency. Not surprising, given she doesn't think he did much wrong.

5. Both candidates performed beyond what was expected of them. Biden was very statesman-like. Sarah proved she is a better debater than an interviewee.

Overall, Biden did very well for Obama and won him a few independents. Sarah did very well for Sarah and prevented a complete write-off.

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