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Friday, October 03, 2008

Attempting another comeback...

Back again - after an even longer break. Yes, I know the iPhone has been out a while now since my last post. Already into its 2nd generation and cost me 3 times what it is priced now!

Quick thoughts on the phone: I love it. It is the best convergent device out there. But wish it had a physical keyboard. I send a lot of email from my Treo and my typing speed on iPhone's virtual keyboard comes nowhere close. Also, not to forget the restricted admin access to the phone that prevents some of the security-conscious companies from supporting it. Overall, it definitely is a killer device for consumers.

I dropped my Treo a couple weekends ago. So I am walking around with a Treo from 2004. Here is a picture! Now patiently waiting for the Blackberry Bold!

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