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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Anger Management or Better Sportsmanship?

In continuation of the excellence exhibited in the Germany-Portugal clash yesterday, the World Cup Soccer Finals played out very well today. Unfortunately, the final verdict had to be deferred to a penalty kick-out. But more than Italy's 5-3 victory over France, more has been said of the Zidane-Materazzi incident. From the video, it appears like Materazzi got what he deserved. I would have liked Zidane to have been spared the misery of sitting out the last few minutes of what is probably his last game. But at this level, and with his experience, Zidane should have known better.

Zidane's initial response to Materazzi was subdued; but Materazzi's continued tauts irked Zidane enough to momentarily lose his cool. Even as he struck Materazzi, the look on Zidane's face and his body language exhibited the regret; but it was too late and his illustrious career had to end with a red card.

So, would anger management classes have made a difference for Zidane? I don't believe any degree of anger management is going to take out all of our anger, unless of course you are on the path to becoming a monk - a very good one at that. What could have definitely helped is if Materazzi had exhibited better sportsmanship and played the game fair instead of resorting to extreme mind-games as a few teams repeatedly do in Cricket.

I hope the next World Cup is played with more fairness, less fakes, better sportsmanship and more spectacular footwork and strategies.

Zidane-Materazzi Video:

Update (Jul 10)
Materazzi's skills: (via digg - there is no escaping the past)

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At Sun Jul 09, 11:55:00 PM, Anonymous Sunder said...

I agree. I really wanted france to win bad because of zidane. The italian team looked like a bunch of fratboys thrown into the finals. Hopefully my favourate team "Zee germans" will win the next one!!

At Mon Jul 10, 10:02:00 AM, Blogger anand said...


I read that Materazzi was a rude dude, but the videos showed it all. I also thought he got what he deserved yesterday. If it was ice hockey, he would have probably lost a few teeth as well. I read some of the french media and apparently he called Zidane a terrorist and asked him to go back and play for his real country.

Let us see this from Zidane's perspective. He has been abused all his life for his muslim / algerian roots. This is his last match, he has taken crap for 20 years+, he probably thought he has had enough.

I agree that he should know better, but looks like he DID ignore the idiot before he snapped. Heck, I would have snapped MUCH before than he did.

I really wish France had won yesterday without Zidane and gifted the captain his trophy.

Ugly trophy won by ugly tactics by an ugly team. Good for statistics, but italy SUCKS. I would root for them to fail in any world cup from now on.

At Mon Jul 10, 03:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems the comments were: "I fucked your mother last night. She's an Algerian whore." - Brilliant! Just the right words to wind him up and get him sent off. And 'cos Materazzi's so tall he couldn't even butt him in the head - could only reach his chest. Ultimately, Materazzi wins. He scored the equaliser, he scored his penalty and he is a World Cup champion. Bravo Marco - Buon Gioco.

At Sun May 06, 01:46:00 PM, Blogger مصطفى شعبان said...


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