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Friday, December 09, 2005

Yahoooo! Delicious!!!

Tagging is the cool phrase VCs love to hear these days! Close on the heels of CNET acquiring Consumating (!!!), announced that it is now part of the Yahoo family.

Yahoo has had a very aggressive last 2 quarters this year, taking the fight into the Google camp. They have upgraded most of their key services and added new ones to meet Google's challenge - Yahoo Mail, Flickr, Yahoo Maps, RSS feeds from any source to any device, going after Skype and now! Good comeback Yahoo!!! Microsoft is running a distant third in this space, but more the big players, the merrier for us end consumers!

There is some chatter on the web on whether this union is good for users. IMHO, what end-users need is a one-stop shop or a few-stop shops to meet their daily needs. If I can get most of it at either Google or Yahoo, awesome! Consolidation benefits the end-users as much as the companies coming together. Also, both G and Y! are fiercely competing to deliver better services, and both understand the importance of social networking. So, this acquisition can only be good for the end-users.

Here is a good interview on why is useful. Stuart's response to the first question sums it up. And here are some useful tools that extend


At Fri Dec 09, 03:19:00 PM, Anonymous Sunder said...

Wow thats totally cool. Yeah Iam actually watching Yahoo more these days than Google. They are making key acquisitions a-la Microsoft style in the 90's. Of course, Microsoft wants AOL in their bag. Dick Parsons of Time Warner is now laughing his way to the bank.(Of course, everybody and their brother were picking on him for buying AOL)

At Fri Dec 09, 04:08:00 PM, Blogger moloko said...

I am really impressed by your blog that I find, by the way, very interesting. It is now been half an hour I am clicking on links!! I am starting a new job at Google in 3 weeks so we will try to counter-attack!


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