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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apple iPhone has a good ring to it

Back after a long blog-break! Numerous topics bookmarked away for later blogging; but it may take a while before they get out. So decided to at least make a start with a short post.

Apple! These guys understand their customers so well. Most products in the market are not truly consumer-ready. They require some form of tweaking or the other before their true potential is exposed. Not so with Apple. Its always, IMHO, a true plug n' play experience. That leads on to the topic I wanted to write about. The Apple iPhone.

When I first heard rumors about it, I decided to wait - even if it meant a year or more, before buying a new phone. Because I knew Apple would finally get the convergent device right. For years, I have looked for a good convergent device. But either they are bulky or unweildy or lack key features (good example: Treo 680 with a less than 1MP camera! What were they thinking!!). Apple's design will hopefully change all that.

I know I may be asking too much, but I hope the iPhone gives me a phone that works (like the Nokias and not the Treo - I love the Treo but the phone sucks), a good music player (like the iPod), a good email/calendar/PIM client (Good Technology rocks), a decent camera (still & video) with at least 3MP, WiFi, QWERTY keyboard and TouchScreen! And all this in a package about the size of the Nano.

I doubt if Apple will partner with Carriers or go the MVNO route. 611 calls are not what Apple would want its customer support staff to field! My guess is they will come out with a SIM-based, Carrier-independent phone that will work across networks. Option 3 on this article. Consumers gladly pay $300 and up for the 60-80GB iPod. They will have no hesitation paying that if it adds the phone feature, even if the capacity shrinks to 20-40GB.

But as they work towards the launch, Apple may have to redo some marketing material and labels!

Apple's delay has not kept its fans from guessing though. This iPhone concept blog set up by Okan Vardarova has quite a few decent designs (but none that meet my requirements yet :))

And I pray it does not look anything like the phone in this video.

Kevin Rose's spill tho appears a little staged to me. You can never tell what a few drinks can do! :)

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