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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Determination pays off - goes Live!

After 4 months in hibernation, Sunder, emerged from his den today with the launch of his very cool job hosting service catering specifically to fresh graduates and interns. On his last birthday he made a promise to have something to show for the year and true to form, he now does. Sunder is determination personified. Enough said about Sunder. Lets talk about I have been wanting to for 3 months now! :) is a very simple Web2.0 service that does pretty much what most job hosting sites do - connect employers to prospective candidates. The difference however is in the way the employer is interfaced with the candidate. A clean clutter-free interface, intuitive design, simple easy steps and market focus are among the key differentiators. And its FREE!

The basic service is free. Students can search as much as they want to and apply to as many jobs as they would like to. Employers can post as many jobs as they would like (unlike other services that typically charge per posting), view any profile and contact any student (contact information provided by students is always available to employers). In the future, there may be a fee charged to employers when they make an offer to a candidate and for other premium services that may be introduced subsequently. The beta release carries no ads. Limited and targetted ads to students may make a in-the-distant-future release.

Most importantly, Sunder has already lined up employers such as Capital One, Georgia Dept of Transportation, RapLeaf, OPNet, EMG, Brownshoe and MulvannyG2. A few others are in the process of signing up. So when students sign in and post their details, they will already have someone eager to review their profiles and make the offer if their requirements are met.

Key Features:
  • Employers can create job postings.
  • Employers can tag their job postings. Employers can also select the auto-tag feature to automatically generate tags.
  • Employers can search for candidates by University, Location, GPA, Tags, etc.
  • Employers can schedule events such as recruiting campaigns or career fairs.

  • Students can create their profiles and upload relevant documents.
  • Students can tag their profiles. Students can also select the auto-tag feature to automatically generate tags.
  • Students can search for jobs based on Location, Tags, etc.
  • Students can sign up for events scheduled by Employers.

Overall, is a very practical web2.0 application focussed on a niche segment. What started off as a birthday resolution has resulted in a fun service and a fun company that is bound to grow. Sign up now!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ustad Bismillah Khan - A Rare Jewel

Ever since I heard Ustad Bismillah Khan was ill, I have been praying that he recover well enough to play the Shehnai on Republic Day (Jan 26th) from the India Gate as per his last wish. The news earlier today that he was recovering well and singing songs to the doctors gave me a sign of hope. But unfortunately, Ustad passed away on the wee hours of the morning today. His last wish was not to be! :(

A true patriot, when he was offered citizenship during a concert in Europe, he is supposed to have asked the sponsors - "Ganga bahti hai kya idhar? (Does the Ganga flow here?)".

Just a few hours ago, I was listening to the very patriotic song from Swades in which the Shehnai plays a haunting tune. I believe the notes for this are by Ustad Bismillah Khan. The song "Yeh jo desh hai tera, swades hai tera, tujhe hai pukara, ye woh bandhan hai jo tooth nahin sakta" rings true of one of the best musicians that ever graced the Earth!

He lives on through his music.

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