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Friday, June 13, 2003

Tales of justice

Alright, lets get this straight now.

Saddam's era: Repressive regime. Rapes. Murder. No political voice. No freedom. In return, water, electricity, good roads, transport, schools, hospitals (when the UN was generous), food!

Post-Saddam: No repressive regime; only occupying troops with a few thousand automatic weapons. Rapes - not as many. Murder - how much damage can DU cause? Political voice - not yet...too early and immature to grasp the concepts. Freedom - of course - within your 4 walls...oops...2 1/2 walls. Water - in sometime. Electricity - on its way. Roads - for what - we got all the vehicles that could move. Transport - where would you want to go? To schools? Well, not yet, our troops are resting there. Hospitals? Sorry, not enough supplies. And our men need whats left. Food? Its your country, go ahead and cook all that you want with what you have.

Meanwhile, our troops need to practice their punches and work on their photographic skills! Some liberators these! What a shame!

So, will these men be tried in the International Court of Justice? Not likely. We cannot allow our brave soldiers to be tried and insulted in another nation. {Check a related posting on this blog dated May 22, 2003 "Americans to be tried for war crimes?"}


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