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Friday, May 30, 2003

Whose degree is it?

It would be interesting to read the Terms & Conditions for the cool deals Seany is offering. Some questions that immediately spring to my mind:

  • If someone owned Seany's brains (if any) and if Seany completed his Masters; who would in reality get the degree - Seany or his brain's owner?

  • Who would be the father of his children? Would the owner of his unmentionables have to support Seany's children?

  • Who would bear the cost of his visits to the dentist? Will the costs be distributed among the tooth owners?

I hope the shoppers are paying careful attention to what they are buying and the associated terms! Shop here!

Good break into a nice market segment by Seany, but competitors are close behind. This serious competitor from South Africa has a twin unfair advantage.


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