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Thursday, May 22, 2003

The UN succumbs

The UN has yet again succumbed to the pressures of Iraq's "occupying powers". A shameful debacle for an organization that has now long lost its credibility as a neutral organization. But I guess it was about time for Iraq to start paying for the war costs with oil, now that the occupying powers have been "officially" granted rights by the UN to Iraq's oil resources to be used for the "benefit" of the Iraqi people.

Some interesting quotes on the same:
John Negroponte, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations
"It is time for the Iraqi people to benefit from their natural resources" after being frozen out of the world's economy under Saddam Hussein's rule.

Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State, in Paris for the G-8 economic summit, in response to France's vote in favour of lifting UN sanctions in Iraq
France's vote was "a step in the right direction" for the relationship between the United States and France.

Iraq sanctions resolution in the UN
The United States and Britain will control Iraq until an elected government is in place. -> Note the convenient use of "elected"! A nation under martial law such as Pakistan has not had a credible elected government in place for ages, how can we expect Iraq to have one anytime in the near future? Essentially, this ruling gives the US and Britain control of Iraq for quite sometime to come; unless of course the "elected" government is propped up by them. Whichever way, long enough for the oil and oil money to fill the coffers in the US and Britain.


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