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Thursday, May 15, 2003


Saw "Matrix Reloaded" today. First screening - Wednesday night preview!!! :) My thoughts: Lot of hype built into a trivial plot. Superb graphics and action. If there was an Oscar for the year's best Playstation/XBox game, "Matrix Reloaded" would win hands-down - provided they accept it in that category. :)

A lot has indeed gone into the making of the movie - a lot of Star Wars, Superman, Minority Report (to a certain extent), even a J Lo or Janet dance mix! Not to forget the "Jackie Chan"-style fights.

Loved the car chases and the many fight scenes. Very well planned and executed. But all this creative wizardy has gone into a poor storyline. That was disappointing. For someone just looking for some awesome graphics or good fight scenes or edge-of-the-seat car chases, it will be a well-spent movie. If you are looking for a story, you are better off listening to the yarns spun by dear old grandma.


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