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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Journalists in America's crosshairs

Have been missing Robert Fisk's coverage in the Independent for nearly a week now. And today I found his site. When I did read his latest article (thanks to Vasti, a friend and regular contributor of interesting articles), the smile on my countenance soon metamorphised to frustration and anger. A line from the last para on the article expresses the anger out there: "As for Mohamed al-Ali, he has the painful experience of knowing that he gave the Pentagon the map coordinates to kill his own reporter, Tarek Ayub." (Tarek Ayub, the Al Jazeera reporter killed in Baghdad was Vasti's friend). America's deceit has taken sickening paths. The Jews lived in fear in Nazi Germany, it is soon going to be our turn.

As for all the nice talk of Democracy, Iraqis celebrating Saddam's birthday were taunted and forced off the roads by American soldiers! I can't find the original news article I read on that! :( About time the dictionaries were updated to reflect America's definition of democracy!


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