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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Road of lies

Evidence that the case for Gulf War I was fabricated was well-presented in an episode on 60 minutes. They even produced the Kuwaiti witness to the supposed bayoneting of incubated children; a witness who had been in the United States most of her life and had been trained for the senate hearing by a PR firm!! We recently had history repeating itself again - more allegations from the US and UK for a war against Iraq that was translated into ruthless action. Now we hear disgruntled voices from the spooks on how their briefings were distorted to justify Gulf War II.

As for the passionate crowds at Firdos square that Rummy compared to the Berlin Wall crowds; he must have gotten an eyeful with the recent massive turnouts against US occupation. That I would call a passionate crowd. Wonder how long the Americans (oops, should they now be referred to as the coalition forces - cause whenever they beat back the bad guys, its the Americans; but when they get beaten back, its always the coalition forces!) can stand up against these forces.

The war did accomplish one task - heralding a new era of Islamic fundamentalism. As though we didn't have enough of those countries, the Americans had to go in and create yet another! But then, thats what freedom is all about - the ability to follow the religion and cause of your heart.


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