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Thursday, April 17, 2003

The war for liberation

I have been reading Robert Fisk (writes for the Independent) for over a year now. His writings on the war in Afghanistan was a revelation. He has followed that up with some very thought provoking articles from the heart of Iraq - eye-witness accounts that rip apart the American fabrications. He was among the first to release the serial numbers from the missile(s) that hit the marketplace in Baghdad that clearly pointed all fingers at the Americans while they still maintained that it could have been an Iraqi anti-aircraft shell. I will try to post more of his links when time permits. For now, check his latest article on the ground realities in Iraq. The war for liberation is indeed about to begin.

Wagging dog!

Consider the headline "Daring rescue of American POWs"...hmmm Didn't earlier news reports state that an Iraqi policeman approached the American marines and led them to where the POWs were jailed? So was the walk to the prison daring or just the fact that they evacuated them from a hostile country daring?

To me, the Entebbe rescue was daring. A guided tour of a prison and a bonus in the form of a few POWs borders closer to a cakewalk! But then the Americans are now in a desperate need for a few heros. Good looking heroines such as Lynch are too good to miss. So when a German doctor found no gunshot wounds on her, the American spin doctors got to work overnight and the very next day American doctors found multiple gunshot wounds on her. So I wonder who shot her in the interim period? Now we see her featured on the cover of Newsweek. "Girl of 18 who should be going to a Prom goes to war and fights for her nation." The script for this whole war seems to be plagiarised from the script of "Wag the Dog".

While America spends its next few months focussed on its heroes and heroines, thousands of Iraqi soldiers will lie buried in the deserts of Iraq and the citizens of the region from now and the future will be tortured by the Depleted Uranium from the shells used by the Americans (Geneva conventions apparently don't apply to the self-claimed righteous).


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