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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Did we hear them say "Democracy"?

Didn't want to keep rambling about the ongoings in Iraq anymore, but couldn't resist this one.

The Americans "liberated" the Iraqis to give them back their freedom so they could express their feelings and wants. But the moment it starts running counter to the democracy they wanted to "enforce" they jail the rebels. Mr.Zubaidi, the self-proclaimed governor/mayor of Baghdad, issued letters to authorities working in the utility sector asking them not to co-operate without his approval. At best it is equivalent to civil disobediance assuming the American instructions is the law; at worse it is the act of a clown. So why then have the Americans arrested him? If it is for inciting problems for them, then it means they are afraid that he may actually get people to go with his instructions. So by arresting him, the Americans are acknowledging his reach and impact and are locking him up against the will of his people. If they are arresting him because he has become a public nuisance, then they are working against his freedom of expression. Either way, in the best-case and worst-case scenario, the Iraqi citizens are being denied their freedom of expression by the Americans! Some democracy this! They sure are sowing the seeds for future repercussions.


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