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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Seven years in Tibet
(recommended by Chitra)

Saw the movie "Seven years in Tibet" starring Brad Pitt and Danny Denzongpa among others. It is an interesting movie based on Heinrich Harrer's book of the same name. Each of its parts have been woven in vivid colors, but the complete tapestry I thought lacked depth. And it could be because there are 2 stories that are developed through the movie - Heinrich's travails through life and Tibet's occupation by the Chinese. The two didn't seem to seamlessly blend.

But all this is more of an afterthought. As I watched the movie, I could relate to some of Heinrich's arrogance (mind you, only some! :)) and understand the reasons for some of his actions. And then there is quite a bit of Tibet's history thrown into the movie. Since I like historical tales, the movie had me rooted through. The emotions of the main characters and Tibet's culture have been subtly exposed.

End result: Must read up more on Tibet's history and Heinrich's book; must work on "some" of my attitudes :); Tibet and the breathtaking mountains around it are definitely on my future travel plans. :)


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