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Friday, May 30, 2003

WMD found!

At long last! Live bacteria, including a nonvirulent form of anthrax; a key ingredient that went into the making of the defoliant Agent Orange that was used in Vietnam by the Americans to devestating effect; and some others that fall under the category of Weapons of Mass Destruction have been found in Frederick. After 2 years and $25 million, roughly 2000 tons of hazardous material was unearthed in US army's Fort Detrick in Frederick. Oh wait a second, I thought these were to be found in Iraq and not in the US!

Well, apparently someone forgot about these dumps and now they have unearthed everything short of nuclear weapons. But they are still looking for uncharted dumps. So with some luck, they may after all find those too! And what do they blame it on - poor documentation of course! Wasn't Iraq's excuse of poor documentation for some unflyable planes discounted and held against them for non-compliance and didn't that essentially pave the way for a "justified" war?

So does US now join the ranks of Iraq, Iran and North Korea under the umbrella of "evil forces"? I wonder.


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