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Friday, June 06, 2003

Massaged Intelligence

For sometime now I have been wondering what the coalition forces are waiting for. They have been in Iraq long enough to have planted the WMD. Beats me. It sure has put the premiers of each of the coalition partners in a difficult situation. I was pretty sure that they would have "discovered" the weapons by now. Well, they can't wait much longer. While the premiers of Britain and Spain are under a lot of pressure; the kingpin is not lying on a bed of roses either! That however has not stopped him from promising to dig them out!

And everyone - on both sides of the wall (remember, its either this side of the wall or that side), have doubts. On one side of the wall they are going "6 attempts and they still didn't get it right, not even when they fudged!" and on the other side they are getting louder and vociferous and their subtle sardonic sense of humor is beginning to show.


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