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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Nala Damayanthi

Sneaked back in to update the blog on the movie I just saw; for the second time!

Now what would drag me back to a theatre a second time? Well, when I started out, it was more cause of a promise to a friend; but then when I stepped out of the theatre 2:45 hours later, I was smiling away to glory, yet again!

The credit goes to the entire team I guess. Mouli (direction - but more for the humor thrown in), Madhavan, new-comer Geethu (at least a new-comer to me - haven't seen her before), Ramesh (music) and not to forget Kamal (producer) - whose presence can be felt through every screen via Madhavan.

And I guess credit should go to Kamal for having gracefully stepped aside to make way for Madhavan in this movie, though the initial plans were for him to play the role. Guess they have gotten together well since Anbe Sivam, the remake of "Planes, Trains & Automobiles".

My thoughts: If you are looking for an intellectual movie, don't even bother. But if you are amongst those who enjoyed the S.V.Shekar and Mouli stage plays, this is baked just for you. The music reminded me of Kamal's Nammavar which was scored by Sottu Neelam Mahesh. On a boring day, this movie will bring back a smile on your countenance!


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