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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Undone by Physics

I dun it again folks. Been wanting to work on the blog everyday...but put it off in the last couple days. But now that I think of it, I am going to get to it only when I feel like it here on. As with all other things I do, I hate sticking to a regimen. Moreover, would give my parents a heart attack if I did! So there. This is not going to be updated as often as I had envisaged when I started this.

The weekend was pretty hectic - drove across to Canada for Rohini's (Surabh's aunt) triplets first birthday and enroute stopped to view the vast Niagra falls on the Canadian side. Quite a view. More on the trip in a bit.

Finally drove Surabh's car to the body shop to get it fixed - been due for nearly a week now. I had not started the blog when I crashed the car and so it didn't find a mention here before. As always, a good pie in my face. Couple days before the accident, when Surabh was driving, she took a particular turn at a slightly greater speed than was safe. So I explained to her the laws of Physics and walked her through the exact forces acting on the car and how it would slide especially given that it had been snowing quite a bit and how it would crash into any of the cars parked alongside the pavement. And 48 hours from then, I did the driving. It had been snowing through the night - 8-10 inches of snow - and I took the exact same curve at a slightly greater speed than I should have and as though to prove my physics theories right, the car went into a slide just as I had predicted and hit a parked car at nearly the same angle I had said it would. It would have been the exact same angle too had I not turned the wheel in a desperate bid to avoid the other car. Well, at least I didn't hit it head-on. So there I was, sitting in the car, feeling sheepish, controlling a stupid grin that began to work its way through my tightly shut mouth and then quickly apologising to Surabh - as is she was running late for work and moreover it was a car she had just bought. Well, fortunately it was not as bad as it could have been. For one, Surabh was understanding, and then the cars were not damaged much and our car was still driveable! I quickly left a note to the owner of the other car and we were soon on our way. Then the usual calls to the Insurance company dreading the impact it would have on my driving record. Surprise of surprises - Michigan state doesn't care about who drives the car, it is the owner of the car who is penalised. Now I am hoping thats not true and do hope that at some point in time my driving record will be updated with the incident; else an innocent person will be paying for my carelessness. So far, haven't found any evidence pointing to my record being blemished though. Crazy world indeed! Anyway, our car took a hit of about $2500. And the body shop guys offered me a discount on the deductible, so would burn my pocket by $400. Oh and when the owner of the other car called and I profusely apologised, he waved my apology off with a "Oh don't bother, its my girlfriend's car"! :)


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