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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Finally; my online camp!

I have been wanting to blog for quite a while now; but one thing or the other (read that as procrastination) kept me away. So now, nearly 2 years since I thought I should, I decided to embark on this trail. I guess I owe it to the US administration for setting up my online camp. Their imperialistic policies has had me frustrated for long, frustration more out of the helplessness I feel. And finally I gave vent to my frustration through a few thoughts I penned at, but apparently the "_" in the URL prevents some folks from accessing the site. So am migrating to this URL. Will move the couple notes from yesterday to this site sometime today. Will also play around with the style sheet to see if I can get it more readable.

Not sure how often I will post on this - depends on whether this becomes my "vent window" or if I use it for other reasons as well! :)

Please feel free to mail me your thoughts/comments as you wander through my current online home.


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