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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Abracadabra - so much magic!

Did you know the word Abracadabra had its origin in a 2nd century poem?

There is a lot of magic happening at this cool site. Been circulating around for quite some time now and has left a lot of people awestruck in its wake.

So is there really some magic at work working its charms behind the monitor in front of you, some wizard or witch waving wands or gazing into a crystal ball to guess the symbol you have in mind? Or is this really a smart trick and a case of extreme creativity by Andy Naughton?

Would hate to break the magical spell and the fun folks. So those who believe in magic, read no further...

As for the incorrigible skeptics out there, here goes:
A number when subtracted by the sum of its digits is always a multiple of 9.
Proof: Consider a number xy. What we have to do is subtract (x+y) from xy -> lets say that gives us z.
z = xy - (x + y)
z = 10x + y - (x + y) [by resolving the number xy as 10x + y]
z = 9x
This proves that z is a multiple of 9.

e.g. If you think of the number 23,
z = 23 - (2 + 3) = 23 - 5 = 18
18 is a multiple of 9.

What does the number being a multiple of 9 have to do with magic? Notice the pattern in the symbol list everytime you think of a number and perform the calculations. Do you see the "magic"???? :)

So is there no magic then??? You only need to look up and notice the beautiful pattern of stars woven in the sky, the beautiful smile on a baby's face, a beaver's dam - for these and so many others, I have no logical answer! :)


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