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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Goebbels henchmen: Alive & viciously kicking!

The role played by journalists is very significant in any society. The power that they wield far dwarfs the WMD that the collective world possesses. A power so skillfully applied by Hitler's propaganda machinery under the masterful guidance of Joseph Goebbels during the second world war. History attributed the initial success of Hitler to Goebbels and his henchmen. In his own words, "Propoganda has nothing to do with truth". 63 years hence, the depth of his words holds the fate of a nation and its people and could overtime lead to the creation of an empire.

The American propoganda machinery has been in full swing since Sep 11, 2001. It started as "America's war against terrorism" and over a period of time metamorphised into "War against terrorism" as though to highlight its supposed international backing. All pointers to America's imperialistic overtures hardly stands out in the material dished out by its "journalists". To be fair, there are some who voice their concerns, but those few voices are quickly snubbed and rebuffed as those "Against us". Journalists have been suckered into becoming propagandists singing the matra of "With us or against us" in tune with the concert that is being orchestrated, skillfully at times, arrogantly mostly, by the new age crusaders. Sadly, some don't even realise that they have been manipulated into becoming mouthpieces for the war mongers.

Weapons inspectors can moderate the firepower that nations have under the threat of sanctions; but journalism has no moderators, no barriers. Its a free world espoused well by their freedom of speech. Journalists go a long way in moulding public opinion. Be it educational reforms, public policy, human rights considerations or the need for war - they are always in the thick of it. Such power needs to be channelled by responsible heads. Every word they say is gobbled up by the masses. Camps are formed based on their rhetoric.

The whys and the hows and the whats are the founding principles of the fourth estate. It is to those reporting the "war against terrorism" to ensure they have done their homework well before presenting their thoughts to the public. The difference between their choosing to be journalists or propagandists holds at stake a few million lives. I hope they don't leave Goebbels laughing away in his grave.

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