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Friday, May 06, 2005

When policies must be relaxed.

When policies must be relaxed.

I am a stickler for processes and policies. But every policy and process must have some leeways. The process/policy and hence the system is respected when reasonable. But I think it is unfair to suspend a kid from school for 10 days for answering his cellphone during school hours. The enforcers didn't seem to care that the person calling him was his mom who is a soldier stationed in Iraq. And didn't care that he answered the call during the lunch hour! What does he say - "Sorry mom, can't talk to you now, I am chomping on a large burger. You can tell me how you escaped the mortar attack when I talk to you this weekend."? This is plain ridiculous. Well, on the bright side, the enforcers suspended him in lieu of an arrest for disorderly conduct!


At Fri May 13, 11:14:00 AM, Blogger Random Access said...

Downright superfluous and crazy...typical American "Boss the world but forget to get culture (values, ethos, dharma) into the country" according to a cynical contemptuous viewpoint. What happened to the sanctity of "freedom of speech" that they boast about? Rights are rights until you encroach upon the rights of others. This thumb rule has not been broken in this case, so I dont see any issue in chiding him, leave alone suspension!

Hoping against hope that the world will become a saner place to live in!


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