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Thursday, May 05, 2005

35 times Lossless Compression

35 times Lossless Compression

A young Indian, Arvind Thiagarajan, has developed an algorithm that can provide much superior compression than existing methods. His approach supposedly reduces the source image by 35 times and the compression is lossless too. Compare that with JPEG compressions on similar source images - Lossy compression and down to only 5 times the original size!

Arvind's approach uses a binary index to store the locations of the pixel instead of applying any transformations to it. Reads very simple. And it must work given that products based on this algorithm have been developed by his company and are being used in hospitals to store images such as echo cardiograms. They have also come out with a product for document imaging.

The Adobes of the world must be at his door by now to incorporate his methods in their imaging software. He has the distinction of winning the Junior Scientist award from Dr.Abdul Kalam.

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