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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

iPod Monopolizing the market?

iPod Monopolizing the market?

iPod is probably the best designed hard-drive based MP3 player. But from a feature standpoint, it falls behind the iRiver H140 that has built-in in-line recording, FM radio, etc and is almost just as compact as the iPod is. iPod on the other hand relies on other products such as the iTalk to extend its feature set. With dedicated products such as the iTalk and iTrip, it is unlikely that Apple will build these features into the iPod. One would think this is a short-coming for the iPod. But its effective marketing and popularity has gotten it 90% of the market. And with car companies such as BMW and audio companies such as Pioneer and Alpine building adapters to the iPod, the rest of the pack will soon not prove to be any competition to the iPod at all. UNLESS, the industry defines a standard interface to the players. That way, when adapters are built, they are built to the standard interface and not to a specific brand. This will ensure there is fair competition in the market. Some regulation is required real soon. For now, I have to make do with using my FM transmitter to get my Nomad Zen Xtra to communicate with my Car music system.

Resources to iPod your car here and here.


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