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Friday, December 10, 2004

Order to your chaotic visuals - with PowerSnap

Order to your chaotic visuals - with PowerSnap

In the last 2 years, one of my friends, Ayush, has been working on a photo organization utility that he named PowerSnap. While he did the heavy lifting, I helped with some of the design and usability issues and also QA whenever time permitted. The product was finally launched today. Its a wonderful feeling to see the garage project hit the market. And believe me, it has gone thru significant evolution from what we first saw to what it is now. Late nights, long brainstorming the end, a satisfying product. It still needs a few add-ons, but Ayush figured it has spent too much time in the labs and it is about time to showcase it. End-user feedback is the means to a better product! Ayush has done a terrific job in pulling it all together.

A trial version is available for download. Comprehensive support is available on the site itself thru user guides, FAQ, etc. There is also a support forum where you can post your questions and suggestions. Sometimes you may get a response from yours truly since I am a moderator on the forum! :) Try it out when you can. And, please send in your feedback.

I came across an article on Wired a couple days ago on the need for better organization of images. PowerSnap meets a lot of the needs mentioned in the article and future releases will have much extended capabilities.


At Tue Dec 28, 11:17:00 AM, Blogger Anand said...

Very glad to hear that. I hope powersnap does well.


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