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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Zip thru the web... - No thanks!

Zip thru the web... - No thanks!

After a long hiatus, I am back - for now. Plenty of links in my bookmark folder that I plan on posting - someday! :)

Anyways, today's big buzz (at least in Geekville) is Google's latest offering - a web accelerator for broadband connections. And though I religiously try everyone of their offerings, this is one that I am going to pass (though I did install it for the kicks but quickly uninstalled after trying a couple news sites). And the reason I am not very excited about it is cause Google uses its servers as the broker to serve content on the sites I visit. So essentially, they know the sites I am visiting. And that does not make me feel very comfortable. Also, I don't know how distinctly separate the gmail cookies would be from the accelerator cookies. So the chances of them connecting dots is even more with this. This, for the first time, makes me feel that Google is on a path to breaking its philosophy "Do no evil"!

Google Web Accelerator

Note: Instead of using the Google-sponsored Firefox as the example in the snapshot, they have used IE! About time the Mozilla foundation flexed its marketing muscle a little. :)


At Fri May 13, 11:17:00 AM, Blogger Random Access said...

Even though being a google fan myself, I am also scared about their new Desktop search engine. They index everything on your computer, and makes it accessible to them at a fingertip. Keep posting these techie-talks :)

Random Access
The search has just begun !!! (to use technology to talk technology)

At Fri May 13, 11:25:00 AM, Blogger Balakumar said...

RA, I am not worried much about the Google Desktop Search (GDS). From what I recollect of the GDS privacy policy (I read this ages ago when DS was first launched), they do not access the info on your index. So it should be ok to use GDS. The only reason I moved away from GDS is cause I discovered Copernic. It probably deserves a blog post of its own and I will get to it after a couple pending posts.

Thanks for stopping by RA.


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