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Friday, November 04, 2005

For the geeks!

For the geeks!

Here are some utilities that I find very useful:

  • mp3tag: I have been using this for more than a year now and this is, by far, one of the best mp3 tagging utilities I have come across. It allows a very intuitive and easy editing of ID3 tags for audio files and supports more than just mp3s. Not only does it allow you to derive ID3 from the file name, but once you have the ID3s refined, you can derive the file names using the ID3. Must try utility! Thanks to mp3tag, my audio library is as good as it can get. Link to the website.

  • MKS Toolkit: UNIX on Windows! Guess that says it all. grep and make to your heart's content! Link to the website.

  • cURL, WGET: Ever wanted to save multiple images or songs or other files from one website. cURL or WGET is the tool you want. These are command line utilities that spider out into the web to retrieve files/web pages for specified URLs. You can decide how deep you want to go into a site. It can stop at the first level or follow links from the first level to the next one and so on.

    Here is an usage example. Lets say you are an Aishwarya Rai fan and you come across a site such as this one. Instead of right clicking on each one to do a "Save As...", use cURL or WGET to recursively run through the site to retrieve the files.

    The command to accomplish this is a single line:
    cURL[01-10].jpg -o "Ash#1.jpg".

    This will recursively pull the files Aishwarya01.jpg, Aishwarya02.jpg... and save them in the local machine as Ash01.jpg, Ash02.jpg...

    For the Ash fan, my example pulls only 10 images, but the site has over 60 Aishwarya images! For the music fan, if you come across a site with plenty of mp3s (non-copyrighted), here is how you can easily get them. ;)

    Link to the websites: cURL, WGET and WGET for Windows.

Plenty more such as Slickrun, but I will leave that for another day!


At Fri Nov 04, 02:53:00 PM, Anonymous Sunder said...

I like curl a lot and used it a bunch in the *nix platforms. You may have something with your last idea. How about coming up with a web page where one can submit mp3 pages and then in the backend curl would fetch all the musci links and make a cool personal page with all the mp3's for that user. Users can then tag the music and maybe even share if not copyrighted.

At Fri Nov 04, 03:06:00 PM, Blogger Balakumar said...

Add RSS feeds to the personalized pages and you are all set. Just dont know too many non-copyrighted stuff thats in good demand - not yet at least! But good thinking there Sunder!!

At Sat Nov 05, 09:47:00 PM, Blogger Random Access said...

People have been asking me to create an utility that will read the blogs of ppl and the comments so that they are notified of any changes in any of the blogs (not juz posts, covered by RSS). I am planning to design this in a week's time, so if u come across any such thing already, lemme know!

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

At Sun Nov 06, 02:59:00 PM, Anonymous sunder said...

You may want to check this site out, it shows you how to create an rss feed for comments.

At Mon Nov 07, 05:01:00 PM, Blogger Balakumar said...

I think RA is talking about crawling other peoples' blogs to get the most recent X comments. That should be an interesting exercise. Given the number of publishing tools and the different formats they use, it is going to be fun trying to determine a pattern to the madness. Let us know how your search goes RA!


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