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Friday, July 18, 2003

Now they want an international flavour!

First they went to war with utter disregard to all international laws and violated all the possible conventions. It was more of a "With or Without you" for justice and errr some oil, we shalt fight on and in the process rid the world off the bad guys. They went in, "secured" the country and distributed all the "rebuilding" efforts amongst their own consortiums. But with the raising toll, they realised they needed some brown skins around. Personally, I don't think it had anything to do with giving an international hue to the war effort. I suspect it was more to use them as shields, just as they accused Saddam of using his people as human shields. They wanted to lean on the goodwill some nations such as India enjoy in the region and hoped to keep a minimum of their troops on the streets. But with these nations refusing to help unless under a UN mandate, the pressure is building on the US - in Iraq and at home.

With their HUGE budget deficits, they now realise that their Department of Defence is quickly turning into the Department of Massive Foreign Aid.


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