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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Galloping cancer

Been a while since I last posted to the blog. Not that there was nothing to write about. Plentiful thoughts/events in the last one week - but limited access to the internet kept me away.

Am on a brief break in Bangalore - thru Jul 12th. Had to rush in here cause one of my childhood friend's mom passed away. Cancer notched another victim. Harldy 4 months ago, she was healthy, active and enjoying her retirement. But was rapidly consumed by what the doctors called 'Galloping Cancer'.

It was painful to hear the news...but the full-blown effect was felt when I went along to the hospital to settle the bills and the hospital staff pulled out her records. On top, in block red letters, was the line "EXPIRED Jun 19, 2003". We just stood there holding each other and taking in the words!

Meanwhile, the battle against cancer rages on...


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